Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The division...

As I mentioned, this trip was to study the conflict between a United Ireland and the United Kingdom. Part of the island of Ireland actually is part of the UK. In the town of Derry (referred to by the catcholics/irish) or Londonderry (which is what the protestants/british call it) many cues are publicly displayed about the conflict. As I, a psychology student, observed the people, it seemed like everyone was either A. stubborn or B. walking on egg shells. You CONSTANTLY had to watch what you said to everyone. Imagine living in the south before and during the civil rights movement in the states and enhance the degree of intensity a bit, and that is what you get in parts of Northern Ireland. There are riots, protests, massacres (note: Bloody Sunday) that happen still to this day. I had no idea this conflict was still so intense and so serious. Studying abroad cultured me. 

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