Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Getting Past "the Troubles"

Many years after the Good Friday Agreement was signed and finally agreed upon, agreed on a peace treaty in hopes for a new reality. Families were ruined, brothers were killed, fathers sent to jail for years and years. The dividing walls remain. The river clearly splits the unionist and nationalist communities. You cannot help but be emotionally touched in some way to the conflict. The few days before we departed Northern Ireland I experienced mixed emotions and confusion. On one hand, I got to go back to my normal life in the states and would not have to live a daily life in conflict. However, I knew what I was leaving behind. I heard first hand accounts about the death of children and siblings from surviving family members. I saw reminiscence of Bloody Sunday. I saw the physical barrier dividing the communities; the Derry walls. I could not help but feel bad for all those families who were forever scarred by the violence and disruption of peace. I found myself brainstorming ideas to help settle the conflict. Is it even possible? What about the walls? The derogatory murals?  The ingrained state-of-minds of the citizens...and then I saw Terrie's face light up..she brought us all here for one challenge ourselves..she told us to take a look around..what do you see..

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