Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A mentor..a friend..a confidant :)

Because of my trip, I declared a major in conflict analysis and traumatic studies. I must give fully credit to Terrie McCants and my trip to Northern Ireland. She organized and planned such an amazing and unforgettable excursion that I will forever cherish. Conflict is rooted in society, history, families, and personal traumas. As a potential psychologist and aspiring therapist I see a great need to focus on the causes and treatments for conflict. This societal conflict not caused distress economically for the societies, but also tension with in families. Families experienced death, violence, and separation due to incarceration  and violence that was triggered from this conflict. Because I am easily intrigued, I love to hear stories,to analyze perspectives, and to challenge the conscious with the bringing the unconscious forward. Terrie and Northern Ireland have challenged me to think outside the box, to be open to interpretation, and has encouraged me to see things from different standpoints. I continue to apply lessons I have learned from Northern Ireland and apply them to daily situations, especially those concerning my field of study.

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