Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Every girls dream.. maybe not every girls dream is to be a princess and live in a castle, but I'll admit at one time I thought it sounded pretty to live in a castle! Knowing I was going to get the chance to visit castle ruins was just another motive to going to Northern Ireland. I'll be the first to admit..I'm a bit of a history buff, so seeing a place that had been printed in textbooks and was full of stories was completely fascinating to me. The fact this was an educational trip that I fully enjoyed was a very win-win situation. Settled along the Northern Coast was a very scenic castle and landscape. To me, views like this give you a chance to reflect, ponder, and imagine. The mind is a very powerful tool and utilizing it to discover thoughts and feelings was very useful. Not only were the sights interesting, but so were the smells. From the crumbled stone to the sea salt water air, all of my senses were engaged. This visit really moved me. I can't quite explain my personal gain from this visit because I believe every individual will experience it differently. Also, I don't want to give everything away...I want you to be eager to go see for yourself ;)...

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